Young adult male motorcyclist with haematuria after recent accident.

Identify these two IVUs?


The top IVU  shows a distorted pelvicalyceal system with a gap in the nephrogram of enhanced renal tissue in the mid-part of the left kidney. There is a recent fracture of the transverse process on the right side of L1 vertebra. In one view, the possibility an an apophysis cannot be excluded. The rounded tip of the left transverse process of the second lumbar vertebra, L2, has been lost. It lies immediately below as a triangular density in this view (and as a crescent over the left renal artery in the angiogram).
The left renal angiogram shows normal renal perfusion, but with a laceration of the kidney giving a gap in the perfusion and immediate enhancement of the renal cortex.

Man with Cerebellar Signs

Saturday, October 9, 2010 12 comments

33 years old male with a a long history of unsteadiness, since childhood. Mentation was below average. Clinicians elicited 'past-pointing' and ataxia.

Identify this CT scan???


There are visible cerebellar folia. The 4th ventricle is large. The foramina of Magendie and Lushka are shown in one cut. The posterior fossa cisterns are visible. The pons and brain stem are grossly normal size. All of the diagnostic changes lie below the tentorium cerebelli.


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