This is a double-contrast barium enema of a 31 year old unmarried woman with lower abdominal pain that seemed to occur monthly.And she also complains of passing altered  colored stools associated with lower abdominal pain.

What would be the possible diagnosis?


In this double-contrast enema, barium has coated the caecum and a soft-tissue mass that involves the ileo-caecal junction. The caecal mucosa coats irregularly immediately adjacent to the lesion.
Correct Answer is the Endometriosis of the Caecum

These are two chest X-rays (AP View and Lateral View) of 50 year old man who was complaining of Exercise related chest pain.He also has had one episode of unconsciousness recently.
On physical examination, there was a harsh Ejection systolic murmur heard loudest at the base of the heart is often but not always prominent.The murmur also radiated toward the cardiac apex, but harsh component is lost.His Carotid pulses are slowly rising and low in volume.

Identify these X-RAYS?


Correct Answer is Calcified Aortic Stenosis


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