Old Man with Mild Fever and Cough

Monday, February 8, 2010

This is a PA chest Xray of a 63 year old man  who undergone recent renal transplant came to the hospital complaining of mild fever and cough associated with headache for more than 1 month duration.And he has had recent weight loss also.
Comment on this Xray?
What are the other Physical signs you would expect in this patient?



  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. arash from iran
    tortous aorta , questionable mediastenal widdening , questionable hilar lymphadenopathy , reticunodular infeltration
    it may be in favour of fungal infection , TB or cmv of herpes infection
    we should check other sites lymphadenopathy (TB), vesicular lesion on skin (herpes), bloody diarrhea(cmv)
    sputum acid fast , cmv antigenemia , cmv IgM , herpes pcr should be sent
    my frist diagnosi is tuberculosis or herpes pneumonitis

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. alte simptome :oboseala ,lipsa poftei de mincare ,investigat mediastinul,ganglioni hilari mariti,poate TBC.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. just one word....tbc

  7. Nabil-lio Says:
  8. ITS FKING PCP!!!!!!
    Did his dad not tell him to take his septrin prophylaxis.

  9. Bobbymurjani Says:
  10. for male 63 yo with mild fever and cough we have to think about malignancy and TB infection because of the decreassing of weight and immunocompromise state.. so i would like to know about the sign of abnormality of thorax cage figure and bloody sputum..

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. why dont you tell us true diagnosis and initiate next case

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. why dont you tell us true diagnosis and initiate next case

    which of the above names in comments is webmaster?

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. PCP

  17. Ben Amor Tunisia
    Tb is the most closer dgtc
    Search for cerebromeningeal localisation

  18. Anonymous Says:
  19. clinical picture of TB. mild fever, cough, n mild headache, all pointing to the so-called TB intoxication syndrome.

    look at the CXR: tat's definitely diffuse focal opascity, which is indicative for MILIARY TB!!

  20. Anonymous Says:
  21. the miliary shadows in cxr and clinical correlation says its milliary TB.

  22. Anonymous Says:
  23. plz send the coreect dignoses

  24. Anonymous Says:
  25. it's miliar TB

  26. Anonymous Says:
  27. what do u mean by pcp pleaase?

  28. Anonymous Says:
  29. PCP-pneumocytis carinii

  30. Anonymous Says:
  31. Miliary TB
    D/D Metastasis,lymphoma

  32. Anonymous Says:
  33. is it me or did the lungs of this man shrink (respiratory failure?)?? arrested right bronchial airway and root lung pathology and smoking tube picture could mean bronchoadenitis form of pulmonary TB (+weight loss)

  34. D/D Metastasis --- Miliary TB


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