A 1 month female neonate presented with gross abdominal distension and history of not passing  feces   since  a week.Her X-ray is given below.What would be the most probable cause for her condition?

This is a plain erect abdominal X-ray of  a 71 year old male patient who was complaining of  Colicky Abdominal pain and vomiting.There was an abdominal distension too.Identify this Xray?

48 year old male was admitted to the hospital at the middle of the night because of hematamesis after consumed alcohol in that night.And He complained of severe abdominal pain also.Immediately the erect Chest X-ray was done in this patient.Comment on his X-ray?

This is an Erect Abdominal Xray of a 52year male patient who has been compailning of Severe constant type right upper quadrant abdominal pain which was lasting for several hours.What abnormality you can see in this X-ray?

Infant with Down's syndrome

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This is an X-ray of an infant with Down's syndrome.His mother has been found to have polyhydramnios by USS during the Antenatal period.Comment on this X-Ray?

This is the erect abdominal X-ray of a man who was complaining of Severe colicky type central abdominal pain.Comment on this X-Ray?

This is an IVU of a 43 year old lady with Turner Syndrome coming to a hospital complaining of high fever and Dysuria  for 4 days.Comment on her IVU.Leave your comments here.



Horseshoe kidneys is a congenital condition of the kidneys which produces a characteristic IVP picture where the upper poles are further from the midline than the lower poles.

The prevalence of horseshoe kidneys in females with Turner Syndrome is about 15%


Fusion of developing Kidneyes at there lower poles & prevention of normal embryological ascent by the inferior mesenteric atery.


  • Nausea and Abdominal discomfort
  • Renal Stones
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • This increase the risk of renal Cancers especially Wilm's tumour


Pyeloplasty is the treatment for PUJ obstruction.

This is an Erect Abdominal X-ray of a 45 year old man who was complaining of severe left sided loin to groin pain which was subsided after giving Diclofenac Na+ rectally.Comment on this X-Ray?


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